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Monday (Adv. Novice / Intermediate) Thur (Level 2 = Novice)
Spreadsheet of Players Contact Info - last update Sept 10 20 Level 2 Play opportunities
On Thursdays, we zoom-meet at 9:00 to register and arrange
partners for the 9:20 0-5 BBO game. Often these 0-5 games do not
run due to lack of entries but EBC's group of about 15 players
will provide enough to form a viable game.  To register, click on
"Competitive", "BBO Points Tournaments", and enter "0-5" or
"cotton" in the Search box. Click on the 1:20 game box to
register. If no partner, you can play with a robot (for an extra
25cents). Right after the game (10:50), Steve Overholt will go
 over requested hands for about 45 minutes.

Also on Mondays at 1:20, Level 2 graduates from the Etobicoke Bridge Centre are playing in the 0-5 Masterpoint BBO event. Again, by specifying a fixed time, the hope is we will always have enough players for the game to run.