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Level 2 Graduates - Bridge Options
Having completed Level 2, now is the time to not take any more lessons, but play. Below are some options for you, as you enjoy the game and consolidate all the skills taught to you in your lessons.

0-5 Games
These are games provided by BBO and consist mainly of EBC players. They are the lowest level available for competition, be that very gentle. For details on how to register, see the BridgeBase (EBC)Online User guide, page 12.

Tuesday 2:20 - This game is available for now. I will host a pre-game zoom session at 1:45, where we partner up and register, and I will do a mini-lesson. At 3:50, after the game, I will provide hand analysis for a few hands.

Thursday 9:20 - Join last year's Level 2 grads for this game. No pregame zoom, partner and register on your own. If you need a partner, email Steve the day before. Right after the game (10:50), Steve will do hand analysis till about 11:30.

Monday 1:20 - Join last year's Level 2 grads for the game only. No pregame or postgame, just play. You can email Steve for a partner.

Kibitzing a coached table
Steve coaches several tables weekly, where 4 players play and receive ongoing suggestions. A great way to learn is to "kibitz" (watch) these sessions. The best time to do this is Tuesday 10:00, involving 2 sets of 4 of last year's Level 2 students. Other times that would be reasonable are Sunday 1:30 and Thursday 3:00 (every other week). If you wish to be invited to the zoom for any of these sessions, email Steve. Details on kibitzing including how to join a session are on the BridgeBase(EBC)Online User guide, page 7

Casual Play online
Another good option is to play "casual" bridge. Four of you arrange a time (weekly) to play for 1.5 to 2 hrs. You can also play with any number of robots, they cost you $1 for a week rental. Email Steve as a single or pair if you wish to be part of a table. One of your foursome needs to "host" the game. Contact Steve to show one of your group players how to host a table.

What a game!!