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Teaching/Learning Programs

Last revised: Jan 11, 2018
In addition to providing duplicate games, we are committed to bringing new players to the game, and providing appropriate venues for their game to grow. Text in red means starting soon, sign up now. Courses are afternoons unless stated otherwise

Program Offerings - Overview

Program When Duration Details  
Level 2 Course In Progress: Jan-March 2018 Mondays; 12:30 - 3:00 10 weeks Click here
Absolute Beginner Course Next Offered Sept 2018 Mondays   12:30 - 3:00 10 weeks Click here
Lesson & Play4 1st and 3rd Wednesday
12:30 - 3:00
Adv_Nov & Intermediate Click here
Shuffle & Play Mondays 12:30-3:15 Ongoing; Supervised Recent Level 2 Graduates (or equivalent) Click here

Below are descriptions of courses offered

Shuffle & Play

Open to any novice players who have completed Level 1 and 2 or equivalent. Come and practice your game by playing shuffled hands. Ideal for those who prefer this casual learning environment over a gentle but formal duplicate game. A bridge instructor will be supervising by answering any of your questions. Runs every Monday from 12:30 to 3:15. $8 per session

Absolute Beginner Bridge: Lesson series

This course will start from the very beginning and take participants through the basics of the game. Topics include ....

*  Basic mechanics of the game
*  Bidding basics; suits/rank/auctions
*  Counting points in your hand
*  Starting to bid your hand - Opening Bids
*  Bidding - Evaluating your hand
*  Bidding - Responses
*  Scoring
*  Starting to Play the Hand
*  Card combinations
*  Bidding - Overcalls
*  Intro to Defence - Basic strategies
*  Intro to Defence - Opening Leads

The following applies to the Absolute Beginner course starting September 2018.

Register by calling Steve Overholt at 647.897.6179 or emailing Steve

Beginner Bridge Level 2: Lesson series

This course is for those who have specifically taken Beginner Bridge (Level 1) at EBC or an equivalent first bridge course. (Those wishing to verify equivalence, please check the course description above). Topics for Level 2 include ....

*  Review of Beginner course
*  Bidding: Opener's Rebids
*  Competitive Bidding: Overcalls & Doubles; review and responses
*  Playing the Hand: Building Blocks of Declarer Play
*  Playing the Hand: Analyze and Play Trump & NT contracts
*  Defense: Talking with your cards
*  Bidding: Big Hands
*  Bidding: Adding some conventions (Blackwood, Gerber)
*  Last week: Supervised Play & Casual competition

The following applies to the Beginner Level 2 course starting January 2018.

Register by calling Steve Overholt at 647.897.6179 or emailing Steve

Lesson & Play-4 Drop-In

Participants have learned the basics of the game but need to improve their skills. There is about 45 minutes of direct instruction (topic of the day such as Raising a Major opening), followed by play of 4 hands. Hands are prepared and duplicated to provide maximum learning. Everyone plays the same hands, with direct assistance from the class director. After each hand is played, the instructor will go over the bidding, opening lead and play in detail with the entire group. It is the intention that participants will, if they so choose, be able to move to a novice duplicate game and on from there, once they are in a position to do so. Note that the EBC runs a 199er Novice game every Thursday and a 0-20 novice game every Wednesday