Topic At EO Date OnLine Date Level (Advanced Novice=easier   Intermediate=harder)
     $20 per lesson Mondays 12:30-2:30 Tuesdays 10:00-12:00                                 LINK for all lessons
Vulnerability; Why does it matter? Apr 24 Apr 25 ALL       Movie Posted
Negative Doubles: IntroductionMay 1 May 2 Advanced Novice       Movie Posted (skip 47.40 to 101.30)
Reverses: Introduction
May 8 May 9 ALL       Movie Posted
Play & Analyze 6 Hands May 15 = CANCELLED May 16 -- Running ALL       Movie Posted
Advanced Defensive Strategies (Forcing,Passive, etc) NA-Victoria Day May 23 Intermediate       Movie Posted
Signaling & Discarding May 29 May 30 Advanced Novice       Movie Posted
Reasons NOT to Draw Trump June 5 June 6 ALL       Movie Posted
Defense: Defense: Switching suits situations Lounge NA June 13 ALL       HANDS PLAYED (email for help if you try these)
Sorry No Movie due to technical problem.
Third Seat Opening Bids June 19 - CANCELLED - switch to next day if you can June 20 Intermediate       Movie Posted

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Take 6+ courses and save $10 and improve your average game by 3.2%
Intermediate approximately corresponds to 0-750 and strong 299ers
Advanced Novice approximately corresponds to upper 0-20 and most 299ers
Once MayJune 23 courses are over, please E-transfer (
Fees: $20 per at EO or on zoom course, $10 if you just watch the movie. Pay by E-transfer
or cheque at the end of all classes taken.

What a game!!