Etobicoke Bridge Centre

Oct/Nov/Dec 2018 Calendar

** Last Revised Dec 03 2018    (Most current version on web page:
Events added since initial print in UPPERCASE

Day          Date        Event

Mon	Dec-03	Advanced Seminar
Tue	Dec-04	
Wed	Dec-05	Lesson&Play4 Class
Thu	Dec-06	
Mon	Dec-10	Xmas Party 11:00
Tue	Dec-11	No Pre-game Lesson
Wed	Dec-12	Xmas Party 11:00 (No 0-20 Pre-game lesson)
Thu	Dec-13	Xmas Party 11:00 (No 199er Pre-game lesson)
Mon	Dec-17	Acbl-Wide Intl Fund #3
Tue	Dec-18	Xmas Party (Individual) 6:00 (No lesson)
Wed	Dec-19	Individual 750, 0-20
Thu	Dec-20	Individual 199er
Mon	Dec-24	CLOSED 
Tue	Dec-25	CLOSED
Wed	Dec-26	CLOSED
Thu	Dec-27	750 players encouraged to join open game; 0-20 players encouraged to join 199er game
Mon	Dec-31	
Tue	Jan-01	CLOSED

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