Etobicoke Bridge Centre

Apr/May/Jun 2019 Calendar

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Events added since initial print in UPPERCASE
Events in brackets in addition to regular program(s)
Day          Date        Event
Tue	Apr-16	Closed for Regional
Wed	Apr-17	Closed for Regional
Thu	Apr-18	
Mon	Apr-22	Closed for Easter
Tue	Apr-23	
Wed	Apr-24	Club Championship
Thu	Apr-25	
Mon	Apr-29	
Tue	Apr-30	Club Championship
Wed	May-01	
Thu	May-02	
Mon	May-06	STAC;  Advanced Seminar 11:00
Tue	May-07	STAC
Wed	May-08	STAC (750)
Thu	May-09	STAC
Mon	May-13	
Tue	May-14	Grass Roots Fund Game
Wed	May-15	
Thu	May-16	Grass Roots Fund Game
Mon	May-20	Closed for Victoria Day
Tue	May-21	
Wed	May-22	Swiss Teams 750
Thu	May-23	
Mon	May-27	Grass Roots Fund Game
Tue	May-28	
Wed	May-29	Grass Roots Fund Game
Thu	May-30	Swiss Teams 199
Mon	Jun-03	Advanced Seminar 11:00 
Tue	Jun-04	
Wed	Jun-05	
Thu	Jun-06	
Mon	Jun-10	
Tue	Jun-11	Swiss Teams
Wed	Jun-12	Canada Wide Olympiad Fund Game
Thu	Jun-13	
Mon	Jun-17	Club Championship

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Tue Jun-18 Wed Jun-19 Swiss Teams 0-20 Thu Jun-20 Club Championship Mon Jun-24 Charity Game Tue Jun-25 Charity Game Wed Jun-26 Charity Game Thu Jun-27 Charity Game Mon Jul-01 Closed for Canada Day